lg dryer d90 code but no blockage

LG dryers are known for using cutting-edge technology and working very well. But, like any other device, they may sometimes have problems that need to be fixed.

The D90 error code, which means a 90% air blockage, is a frequent issue. Still, the D90 code may show up sometimes even when there isn’t a blockage. People who own pets may find this situation very confusing.


The D90 error number is part of LG’s Flow Sense system, which is a cool feature that checks the dryer vent exhaust system for any blockages that could cause a fire.

But a D90 code that shows up when there doesn’t seem to be a blockage is often caused by sensor problems or other problems that are deeper, which we will talk about next.

LG dryer d90 no blockage
LG dryer d90 no blockage

LG Dryer D90 Code But No Blockage

LG dryers, which are known for having cutting-edge technology, sometimes show a D90 code, which means that 90% of the airflow is blocked in the vent.

This is part of LG’s innovative Flow Sense system, which lets users know when there are possible blockages in the air system that could make drying less effective or even cause fires.

But sometimes this code may show up even though there isn’t an obvious problem, which makes things confusing for many users.


If you keep getting the D90 code even though there doesn’t seem to be a problem, the problem might be with a monitor. If dust or lint builds up on the moisture sensor or the temperature sensor (thermistor), it could give you wrong numbers.

Because of these false signs, the dryer’s system may see a blockage even though it can’t be seen. This strange problem can often be fixed by cleaning or even changing these sensors.


Possible Reasons and Ways to Fix It

Sensor Not Working Right
A broken sensor is one of the most common reasons for a D90 error code that won’t go away. If dust or lint builds up on the moisture sensor or the thermistor (temperature sensor), it could give wrong results. The problem might be fixed by cleaning these devices. But if the problem still happens after cleaning, the sensors may need to be changed.

Trouble Venting

There may not be a blockage, but the venting device may still be having trouble. For example, it might be too long or have too many turns, which stops airflow and sets off the D90 code. The problem can be fixed by changing the venting method to make it work better in this case.

Bug in the software

The D90 error code could be caused by a software bug from time to time. This can be fixed by turning the dryer off and on again. Take the dryer’s plug out, wait a minute, and then plug it back in. If the code comes back after a restart, there may be a bigger problem going on.


What Is the Error Code d90 On LG Dryer?

If your LG dryer shows the D90 error code, it means that there is a problem with airflow, especially that the dryer vent is 90% blocked. This is part of LG’s Flow Sense system, which checks for and warns users of possible clogs in the dryer’s venting system.

The system’s goals are to make sure it works at its best and stop fires from starting because of too much heat. It is important to remember, though, that the D90 code may show up even when there isn’t an obvious blockage.

This could be because of other problems, like sensor errors or the way the venting system is designed.

LG dryer d90

LG dryer d90 No Blockage – What Causes It and How Do You Fix It

I think I talked about FlowSense, the technology that LG dryers use to find lint clogs and other things that could start a fire.

Flow sense devices don’t measure how much air is moving, they measure how hot the dryer is. The flow monitor will send a message as long as a change in heat could start a fire.

The dryer is probably 90% jammed if the warning is d90. Again, though, temperature changes can be caused by things that aren’t linked to blockage. The following are some of them:

1. Breaker Tripped

The circuit breaker is likely to trip because of a power rush. Likely, that’s done to keep the dryer from starting a fire. LG dryers have FlowSense monitors that can pick up on that and show any error code, such as d80, d90, or another one.


Check the circuit switch and get a new one if it trips.

2. Made bigger Fuse for heat

Like the circuit breaker, the dryer’s thermal fuse blows up every once in a while to protect it. In this case, the dryer’s FlowSense sensors show any problem code, not just d90.


Check the thermal fuse with a tester to see if it shows continuity. If it doesn’t, it might be broken and need to be replaced.

3. Light Weight

The sensors in LG dryers have trouble finding smaller loads of clothes. The dryer doesn’t find any moisture on the clothes; instead, it sees them as something that could start a fire and sends the warning code d95 or any other.


If the dryer tub isn’t very big, add more clothes to it. Also, make sure you don’t overload it. If you can, try to keep it about ¾ full.

4. Lint filter that is dirty

The lint screen might not get clogged by lint, but the FlowSense sensors will pick up on lint buildup if it’s there. The dryer’s sensors see the lint as a possible fire risk, which is what causes error code d90 or any other code.

How do I fix the D90 on my LG dryer


The lint screen in the dryer is dirty. Take it out and clean it. In general, you need to clean the lint screen every time you use the dryer.

5. Heating element that is burned out

The fact that the heating element is burned off says that there may have been too much power. The FlowSense devices in the dryer will send the error code d90 if the current is too high.


You might want to use a voltmeter to check the contact points on the heating element. If there is no continuity between the contact points, it’s very possible that the heating element is burned.

6. Turn on “Energy Saver” mode

Finally, check to see if “Energy Saver” is turned on if you’re using a normal or cotton cycle. When the mode (energy saver) is on, the FlowSense devices will usually send the d90 a message.


If the “Energy Saver” mode is on, turn it off.


How Do I Fix the D90 On My LG Dryer?

For the LG dryer error code d90, you should first look at issues related to lint buildup (which make up 90% of the cases), then the issues that don’t involve lint buildup.

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Make sure the dryer vent isn’t blocked.

Remember that the error code d90 shows up because something is blocked. So, to start fixing, look for signs of blocking and get rid of them.

Start with the dryer vent and look for lint buildup in the back and on the outside. If it’s jammed with lint, clean it to clear it out.

Step 2: Check the dryer vent for damage, kinks, or crushing.

First, clean out the dryer vent of lint and other clogs. Then, look for kinks, crushes, and signs of wear. If the dryer vent is kinked, straighten it out to get rid of them. If the dryer is broken, you might want to think about getting a new one.

LG dryer d90 reset

Step 3: Check the dryer vent to make sure it was installed correctly.

The third thing to check about the dryer vent is how it was put in. Make sure there aren’t any bends in the dryer vent and that it’s not too long, which will slow down the drying process.

Again, if the dryer vent doesn’t meet the requirements, you may need to get a new one.

Step 4: If the lint screen is clogged, clean it.

In this step, check to see if the lint screen is clogged with lint. Clean the lint screen if it’s clogged. But you have to take it off first in order to clean it right.

Step 5: Watch for a power outage.

There are two things that could make the dryer lose power. First, look for a switch that has been tripped and reset it. Second, look for a switch that has blown and replace it.

In step 6, turn off the energy-saving mode.

Turn off the “Energy Saver” mode if it’s on.

Step 7: Check the size of the load

Make sure the load size is at least half of a drum full. If you put too many clothes in the drum, they won’t spin right.

Step 8: Look for a problem with the heating device.

Finally, use a voltmeter to check the contact points on the heating element. If they don’t show continuity, replace the heating element.


Why Is Learning to Troubleshoot The LG Dryer Flow Sense D90 Error Important?

Reports say that the dryer is the cause of about 80% of home fires, even though these fires can be avoided. If you don’t do anything, the extra lint in the dryer vent is likely to start a fire.

You can’t do anything until you know how to read the sign. This is where the FlowSense error numbers come in.

When the error number d90 shows up, it means that 90% of the lint is blocked. You should turn off the dryer and fix the source of the jam. Fires can be stopped, and your machine will be safe from damage.

You also avoid having to wait a long time for the water to dry, which is likely to happen when there is a blockage.

What If The LG Dryer d90 Code Does Not Clear

What If The LG Dryer d90 Code Doesn’t Go Away?

If you’ve followed the 8-step guide but still see the error code d90. You might want to reset the dryer. How to restart an LG dryer d90:

Choice 1: Disconnect for 5 minutes

You might want to unplug your LG dryer from the wall.
Do not plug the dryer back in for 5 minutes.
Before you plug the dryer back in, clear out any clogs and clean the lint screen.
Choice 2: Time-Dry and Signal Reset

This method for resetting includes:

How to power your washer
Holding down the Time-Dry and Signal buttons for three seconds
Wait until the mistake goes away.
Instead of Time-Dry + Signal, press Energy Saver + Less Time, Time-Dry + Wrinkle Care, or Energy Saver + Wrinkle Care.

How to Reset D90 code on LG Dryer

To get your LG dryer’s D90 code back, just do these easy things:

  1. Unplug your dryer from the electrical socket. This will cut off the power supply to the dryer.
  2. Wait for approximately one minute. This waiting period allows the dryer’s internal systems to fully power down and reset.
  3. Plug the dryer back into the electrical socket. This will power up the dryer and, in most cases, reset any error codes appearing on the display.
  4. Turn on your dryer and run a cycle to see if the D90 code has been cleared.

The dryer still thinks there is a problem with the venting system if the D90 code keeps showing up. For further help, it would be best to get in touch with a professional expert or LG’s customer service. Remember that the problem might not be a blockage; it could also be a broken monitor or a problem with how the venting system is built.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does an LG dryer’s D90 bug code mean?

A 90% air blockage in the dryer vent is what the D90 error code on an LG dryer means.

2. My LG dryer shows a D90 code, but there is no blocking.

The D90 code could stay on because of broken sensors, problems with the cooling system, or software bugs, even if there doesn’t seem to be a blockage.

3. There is a D90 problem code on my LG dryer. How do I fix it?

To fix the D90 error code, clean or replace sensors that aren’t working right, change a venting system that isn’t working right, or restart the dryer.


Finally, the D90 error number on an LG dryer can be very confusing, especially if there doesn’t seem to be a blockage. But if you know what could be causing the problem and how to fix it, you can fix it and make sure your device works well again. Remember that it’s always best to talk to a trained technician when you’re not sure what to do.